The first rule: never give up.

The second rule: never be greedy.

Rule three: stop in time. If you do not follow at least one rule, you can stay in the beans.

The easiest way – European roulette from scratch. There are several options to win, and they are all the same. However, if you use them together, you can increase the chance several times.

The first option: red – black. Win 1 on 2.

The second option: single – single. Win 1 on 2.

The third option: dozens. From 1 to 3 wins.

Fourth option: lines. From 1 to 3 wins.

The principle is the same in all four variables. There are several conditions for a successful game: first, the deposit must be at least 500 times less than the minimum bet – better at 1000; secondly, the casino will allow you to win only the first 8-10 minutes – then the deposit will be withdrawn from the deposit of IR. Therefore, it is important that you stop in time. Most casinos have a size limit, so in any of the options the game must return to the minimum after each bet, otherwise this may not be enough.

An example of the first option. She trusts red. Red falls – wins. Next bet on black. Red falls again – the chances are doubled, but not simply, but by the formula n + 1, i.e. The rate lost 0.1, the next 0.1 * 2 = 0.2 + 0.1 = 0.3. Red fell again – doubled again 0.3 * 2 + 0.1 = 0.7, and so on. D. Win With a simple doubling, the winnings will be equal to the size of the minimum bet, and the formula will be much larger. The main thing is to change red and black every time you win. In the case of zero, you can put it anywhere. We must follow the time of the game. Rough discharge of sediment begins after 10 minutes.