The casino loses arriving to save money. If you go to the casino for this purpose – you have already lost! The casino has a good time with luxury and excitement. Go work for the money. Therefore, before you go to the casino, select an amount that does not matter. And how to keep it, it is my responsibility to solve this article.

The second moment Never play slot machines (one-armed bandits). There is no longer an incapable and stupid way to throw money into an iron box. However, according to the American Gaming Association in Las Vegas casinos, 74% of players prefer slot machines, and only 5% prefer roulette.

What is the main difference between a slot machine and roulette? In the first case, you play with a black box that decides whether or not to receive a reward. In the case of a tape measure, your opponent is a probability theory with objective laws that you can observe firsthand. The opaque operation of the slot machines allows you to leave any appetite inside. Therefore, in different countries, including Russia, the minimum return on machines is implemented at the state level. As a rule, the minimum value is limited to 90%. So, if you play such a machine for a long time, you will see how it eats every ten rubles invested in it. In Las Vegas, at the initiative of individual casinos, they say that this level has risen to almost 95% (only sharks from the gaming industry can believe this, which is impossible to verify). However, more often the percentage fluctuates around 90% (at least required). Compare this with roulette, which is not only 10% of casino appetite, but only 2.7%.